juwel 115litre fish Tank

in Nuneaton, Warwickshire 

Juwel 115 litre fish tank, complete tropical setup. Comes with built in filter and new filter pads, and 200litre fish tank heater. 2x light tubes fitted into lid of tank. Tank dimensions: Width - 80cm Height - 46cm Depth - 36cm Selling

juwel 110l fish Tank

in Saltney, Cheshire 

110L Fish tank from juwel with stand and everything you need to get started. Can be used for tropical, marine or coldwater fish. Includes: -heater -filter -filter sponges -air pump -bubble bar -skull & coral ornament -automatic feeder -timer

juwel fish Tank With Cat fish

in Whalley Range, Manchester 

Curved 3 foot by 2 foot with stand I have had this tank from new, 3 years ago, comes with heater, pump, filter and light, big cat fish worth £40 comes with it if you want it, all the bits in the tank as well, reluctant sales was £500 with all the bi
60 £ no-image

fish Tank

in Merton 
17th December

I have to sell Fish tank juwel 63l with stand, light t5,heater plus filter and some gravel and back i background.Tank is very good condition.Price to negotiation.
1.87 £

juwel Filter Polypad Compact

Used Advised 

JUWEL Filtermedia Made to fit each Filter System Use the filter baskets for your filter system to make maintenance even easier The poly pads clean ... observe the maintenance guidelines in your instruction manual for further details Poly Pad Bioflow 3.0 Compact Measurements 9.9 x 9.9 x 0.1 cm

juwel Aquarium

in Barking, London 

I am selling my Juwel aquarium/fish tank alongside 5 cold water koi fish. As you can see from the pictures provided, the fish tank itself is in good condition. It features a double door cabinet at the bottom to store fish food and other equipment. I
3.99 £

juwel Filter Sponge Carbon Compact

New Advised 

JUWEL Filtermedia Made to fit each Filter System Use the filter baskets for your filter system to make maintenance even easier The active carbon ... the maintenance guidelines in your instruction manual for further details. Carbon Sponge Bioflow 3.0 Compact Measurements 9.5 x 9.5 x 2.5 cm
180 £ no-image

juwel Trigon 190 fish Tank

in Chesterfield 
15th January

Beautiful corner fish tank and cabinet. Includes light unit and heater. Built with only three corners, the innovative design of Trigon aquarium creates an optical illusion of depth. The Juwel Trigon Aquarium is a favorite for many people. As its name suggests, this...
22.95 £

juwel 100w Aquarium Heater

New Advised 

The Automatic Heater Thermostat is designed to fit perfectly into the Juwel Filter Systems therefore ensuring an even water temperature within the aquarium. The Juwel heater may also be supplied with a bracket should you require a more conventional style of fitting. Heater 100 Watt
125 £ no-image

juwel Rio 180 fish Tank

in Southampton 
17th December

Complete set up,fluval filter,heater gravel,twin lights,many extras,ie food,test kits,treatments,and spares,fish included,tank is approx l 39"xh 20"x d 16".absolute bargain
14.1 £

juwel Automatic Feeder

Used Advised 

All HighLite aquariums are equipped with a removable section within the flap to allow the fitting of the JUWEL Automatic Feeder. For flake pellet and tablet food Adjustable food outlet Food capacity for approx. 30 days 60 Feedings Power supply 2 typ AA 15 batteries batteries included

juwel Rio Aquarium

in Hull, East Yorkshire 

Juwel Rio 180 & cabinet in dark wood. Cold water, very well established community tank Tank size (only): 101Lx41Dx50H cm Height when on cabinet: 124cm Full set up including : -Tank and stand. -Fish, food, chemicals, -Digital thermomete

fish Tank juwel Vision 180 With Accessories

in Blackwood, Caerphilly 

Jewel Vision 180 tank with a backdrop, air pump with air stone, some ornaments and artificial plants, Frozen and dry fish food, 7-day fish feeder pyramid, three filters, tap water conditioner and part packs of water testing equipment.
12.04 £

juwel Day-lite 15 Watt Tube, 50 G, 438mm

New Advised 

The special light spectrum of the Day-Lite fluorescent lamp makes the most of the natural colours of your animal and plant world. Brilliant colour ... 18 Watt 25 Watt 30 Watt 38 Watt 36 Watt Diameter 26 mm 26 mm 26 mm 26 mm 26 mm 26 mm Kelvin 6 ... 6 ... 6 ... Lumen 560 ... 2 ... 2100  
200 £ no-image

juwel Vision 260

in Peterlee 
14th January

Juwel vision 260 in walnut. Comes with Aqua one aquis 1250 external filter, heater , internal light system and some ocean rock as pictured. All in good condition, cabinet has a little water damage in botton left corner as shown in pictures. Please note picture is from when...

21st January -  0.0092