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Slug Killer Blue Mini pellets - 800g

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Doff Slug Killer provides a fast and effective control of slugs. It is supplied in a unique scatter shaker pack for even application of pellets. ... to children and pets. Suitable for application around all crops and ornamentals, both outdoors and under glass. Contains: Metaldehyde.
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Thermoworx Polymorph Plastic 100g | Hand Mouldable Eco-friendly Thermoplastic pellets. Re-usable Unlimited Uses - Diy, Crafts, Repairs, Mould Making, Casting, Plastic Adhesive, Modelling, Grips, Prototypes. Top Quality!

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Thermoworx Polymorph is a thermoplastic polymer which melts at 62°C and consists of small off-white plastic granules. By heating these granules ... endless. Adding colour to Polymorph or painting finished products allows an even more impressive range of shapes and ideas to be created.
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Sixcup No Strips! Low Temperature Natural Hot Film Hard Wax pellets Brazilian Bikini Depilatory Wax Beads Solid Hard Beans Waxing Beads For Body Hair Removal Bean 400g (honey)

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☆: How to use: ☆: Should place the block Wax into the Wax Heater ☆: Clean the skin, dry water, check the direction of hair growth ☆: Temperature ... pull up wax along the direction of hair growth ☆: Nursing care of the hair removal site with professional care, to inhibit the growth of hair
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Smoke pellets Coloured 3g

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Encapsulated pellets easier and cleaner to use. 45 second burn time. 8m3 of smoke. NOTE: orange dye may stain.

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